Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm ba..aack

Well I'm glad my daughter finally wrote something, otherwise there would be too much catching up to do. I'm really enjoying the work on the outside of the gypsy caravan. Of course it's not purely estetic, the upright exterior studs are just that - wall studs. They add rigidity to the walls, and help support the roof. the window frames are necessary, but the decorative part I did just because I could.  I had planned to build my own windows, but couldn't think of a way to fasten them closed tight enough to keep the dust out if the caravan were to be traveling on a very dusty road. I like the way the store bought ones turned out . I'll use that style again.

I'm very pleased with the cieling. As you can see in the pictures, the 2X2's rafters stretch twelve feet from front to back. My idea was to make two arches, one as a cieling under the 2X2's, then lay in styro-foam insulation between the rafters, and put another arch on top of that, both glued and fastened to the rafters, with the insulation in between. I was convinced that with a laminated arch like that, though light weight, it would be strong enough for me to stand on.

I was right about the strength, well partly right. I could have stood several persons my size up there. It didn't even creak. In fact nothing on the whole caravan creaks. Everything is so tightly glued and screwed that though it moves when I try to rock it, it moves as a single unit, with no creaking.
I plan to finish sanding the outside this week, and get a few coats of marine varnish sprayed on. Then I get to put in the cabinet work. I look forward to that because I'm a little more familiar with it. Though it will be different than regular cabinets. I will build them on the same principles as the caravan - very light and very strong.
Take care. I hope to write again soon after I spray the outside.


Me said...

this is looking so amazing!

Pacharuna said...

I am so exited

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