Monday, August 22, 2011

A little new news! (not much, but some!)

My father has been busy with other things (like family reunions and being temporary head cook at the local guest ranch) for the past little while, but he has been working on his new shop and is today working on the Gypsy Wagon, he plans to have the exterior finished by the end of the week
Interesting story about the new shop: previously in Garfield county, you only needed a permit for buildings with a foundation. This apparently changed recently, and my father was surprised to find a red ticket on his new shop telling him he needed a permit for it. So he called, to find out they were going to charge over a hundred dollars for an inspection! He argued that he had only spent $400 on the whole thing, so why would they charge over a quarter of the building's price for an inspection? Surprisingly, they relented and he got an inspection $25. Now he is inspected and permitted, completely legal and above board, and can build the Gypsy Wagon in peace!
Also, beginning in September my father will be returning to work as a Substance Abuse Counselor. The company he worked for before closed it's local branch at the beginning of the summer, but many of the fired employees banded together to build their own company doing what they used to do, but able to pay themselves better (aka, liveable) wages since they are no longer paying for the massive corporation they were previously attached to. Long story short: he will be away half the time (8 of every 14 days), but the remaining time will be building the Gypsy Wagon (and if it sells, more Gypsy Wagons).
I'll see if I can get anyone over in Utah to send me some pictures of the new shop and how the wagon is coming along... or maybe I'll be able to get my father to post an update or two again!
Slowly but surely, the Gypsy Wagon will be built!

More pictures. It seems my father got some work done on the Gypsy Wagon today!
Look at that window frame! My father is an Artist!

And the completed shed. Rough but serviceable.
Thanks for joining us for this special update. I am very pleased with it.

UPDATE! I managed to get a picture of the Shed in Progress.
My youngest brother (the famous wagon puller) has scaled the shed!
It has since been worked on more and is (I believe) complete, but they didn't have any pictures of that and were busy making chiles rellenos for dinner and canning pepper jelly... so we'll see if we can get pictures of the completed shed some other time.

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