Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We've started building the caravan!

I've been itching to start on this project for two months now. Finally the time has arrived. Some of the tables we made have sold, an industrious son has invested some funds, another son is helping with the labor, and today, we started the framing on our first gypsy caravan.
It didn't go as smoothly as I had unrealistically hoped, nor was it as difficult as paranoia had painted. It was just work. Some things came up that I hadn't anticipated, like moving the tail lights back to the end of the trailer because we lengthened it by three and a half feet, and then there was the realization that it was now too long, and we would have to cut off a foot and a half, and move the tail lights again. We've done a lot of customizing on this trailer that I hope to avoid in the next ones I'll have made from scratch for our purpose. The next trailer will be completely flat, and higher off the ground. But that's alright, we had to start somewhere, so we could learn what we want in the next ones.
We got the flooring bolted on today, and tomorrow we plan to put the corbel blocks on the sides, finish the platform, and be ready to start raising the walls. Building it heavy and sturdy would take very little thought, but our aim is to make it super sturdy, and extremely light. That's taking a little more thought, and planning, and some waiting for inspiration.
So far it's nice and light. My nine year old son is able to pull the trailer around, both up and down hills, (very gentle hills) If when we're finished, a compact car can pull it without endangering it's transmission, we will call it a success.
We really hope to have it closed in by the end of the week. I admit, I'm pretty excited about it. I can't wait to take it on the road for a test drive.
Oh yeah, my son did a bit of a CAD drawing of the wagon so we could see how things would fit inside. It will be much more ornate than the CAD drawing, but it does show the general location of the components. I welcome feedback on what you think should be inside.

Editor's Note: Pictures! Click to make them bigger so you can actually see what's happening!
CAD drawing of the interior. I'll try to get a hold one of the exterior.

Trailer with flooring

9 year old brother, Michael on the back corner, Gigantor the tent behind.

Pull! (No children were harmed in the making of this picture.)
 That's it for this exciting installment. Stay tuned for more!


That One Kid said...

I can't believe it's actually going up!

Natalie Nicole said...

That's pretty exciting! I'll be watching for updates!

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