Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots of Rain

I always knew I would have to build a shop to continue working on the gypsy caravans during the winter, still, I believed I could make it through the summer without a shop in this arid place. But, surprise! It's been raining nearly every day here. This is the dryest place I've ever lived, and after 12 years here I was kind of getting used to it. I certainly won't complain about getting more moisture, but I can't work out in the rain with unfinished new wood either. So, it was either put up a shop or postpone the caravans indefinitely.
Last week we went up Cottonwood canyon and brought down some fire killed cedar poles. This week my daughter Tishel and I set the posts, ten of them, three feet deep in the rockiest ground that exists anywhere. We tamped in the last one yesterday just before five. We're still tired this morning, but those posts are immovable. Today we will put up the top bands of the walls and hopefully install the rafters. The system of construction I'm using is called "pole barn construction"  It's a variation a timber framing, in which all the framing is connected directly to the posts instead of resting on the wall. This shop should outlast both myself and Tishel.
Last week I also received delivery on the wood stove for the caravan from Four dog stoves It's well built, and only about 50 pounds, it comes with a side shelf and an attached hot water tank.
I'll post pictures of the stove, the posts, and one of my daughter Tishel using the tallest post as a climbing wall.
That's it for today. It's time to start on the shop again. Wish us luck.


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Wesley Owen Campbell said...

I have been having the same problem this past year with our new wacky weather patterns. My camper trailer, three years in the making, it's going, slowly, but surely: http://s637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/waldowoc/Camper%20Trailer/
Some of my pics were taken by Tishel. :-D

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