Friday, July 1, 2011

Standing up the walls

Today we stood up the front and end walls, and put on the rafters on the gypsy caravan. We have been held back by wind and rain (not at the same time.) But today felt like summer, and Seth strongly suggested we put up the walls today instead of going up the canyon to get lumber for building a new shop, (for the purpose of keeping us out of the said wind, rain, and also blazing sunshine.) I don't know if Seth was more excited to get the walls up, or if he was just looking for a reason to avoid hand carrying fire killed logs out of the canyon.
I like the way the gypsy caravan is shaping up. I like the way it doesn't creak at all when I push on the walls. I like the solidness of every joint glued and screwed. I like how it feels roomy inside both sideways and headspace wise. I like seeing the finished caravan in my mind, looking like a finely finished piece of furniture.
Well, we're taking a few days off for the long holiday weekend. Hope everyone has a good one.

Editor's Note:
I was talking to my mother, and apparently they need to build a new workshop because their previous workshop, the tent Gigantor, blew away. It may seem surprising that a tent that size blew away, but then I must explain something about the wind in Antimony. In Antimony, the wind blows so hard that the pressure differential causes windows to explode. In Antimony, the wind blows so hard that roofs blow off. A few years ago, the wind blew so hard my parent's greenhouse blew away. The neighbors have a wind speed meter that reads up to 90mph... and it tops out. My father was aware of the wind problem, so had buried the poles deeply in the rockpile that passes for soil in Antimony... the poles are still standing, but the ropes broke and Gigantor took to the sky in what I can only imagine was an awe-inspiring sight.  
Also, work has been slow on the caravan because they managed to sell (and therefor had to build) another picnic table. Since any money for the project helps, I can't really fault them for it!
Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone (who is in the US)

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