Thursday, November 3, 2011

dutch doors

Hi again.
I've installed the dutch door on the front entrance of the caravan, with it's window. I had planned to use a solid wood door I had in my shop, which already had a window installed. When I went to carry the door up from my storage shop, (it used to be a working shop until it got full of stuff,) I found that this door was really heavy. Don't misunderstand, I can still lift and carry a door, even a solid core door, but this door was going to add significantly to the weight of the caravan. I decided it just wouldn't do. I went to town - an hour away, and purchased a hollow core door without a window. This new door was made of luan plywood which matches the plywood I used on the caravan. I cut an opening where the window should be, slid framing inside, and glued and nailed it in place. After that it was a simple matter of attaching the outside frame and cutting a piece of glass to fit. I've learned that the secret of cutting glass successfully, is tapping along the cut after running the glass cutter across it. The tapping is what encourages the cut to go from surface scratch, to full depth cut.
I also like the dutch door look, and cut and framed the middle of the door accordingly
It's good to finally have the outside finished and varnished. The weather is turning cold, and the new shop, though water proof is not sealed to hold heat yet. I put a tiny portable electric heater in the wagon one morning, and in five minutes the whole place was very warm. That's the advantage of the insulation in the roof. Once the wood stove is installed, I think that even sub-zero weather will not be cause to run that stove at full blast.
I got the bed frame installed last week, and will get the wood stove in this week. I suppose I don't really mean last calender week, but rather the last week I was home. I work now as a wilderness guide in a program for adults, most of whom have substance abuse challenges. I love that work, and I love sleeping under the stars eight out of fourteen days.
Next time I write I hope to show some pictures from the inside of the caravan.
Have a good week,


Frances said...

WOW, it looks amazing;-) can't wait to see inside!!

Anonymous said...

this is great! gypsy vardo builders rise!

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