Friday, June 17, 2011

progress on the Vardo and stove musings

My father is making progress on the first Gypsy wagon. I was talking to him on the phone just yesterday. He doesn't want to post an update himself because my little brother borrowed the family camera for a trip... which I think might just be a handy excuse for a man who is far more comfortable working with tangible things than with any sort of technology.*
In any case, the trailer has been purchased, and I have it first hand from my little sister's facebook** that the giant wall tent (mentioned here) has been erected as an impromptu workshop so he can build the Vardo out of the weather.
As soon as the camera returns, you can believe I will be hounding every family member I can get a hold of to take some pictures for the blog. So there might be pictures early next week, but no promises.

I have also been thinking a little about cookstove options for a tiny house. I had previously been thinking about a tiny propane marine stove a la link, only because I am familiar with the technology. However, I recently ran across a tiny house article about alcohol marine stoves, and I must admit they have a few good points. I think I might have to reconsider my position, particularly if I could find a good local source of alcohol made from non-food sources... because using food as fuel is a whole other can of worms.

And that's all for today folks!

* He doesn't understand the computer. He doesn't WANT to understand the computer. He is not shy about saying so. 
** The poor girl was the only one home to help put the tent up when he decided it was time. My father named it Gigantor, and it fell over on her twice. But despite the ever-present wind, they got it set up.

(Also, Yay for Terry Pratchet and Ursula Vernon style side notes! I feel so special!)

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I just told the Papi that he needed to post as the camera is back !

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