Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why do I want a tiny house?

Right now, my housing situation is precarious, to say the least. This has been the case since my partner and I left college 5 years ago. We have traveled back and forth across the country, looking for work and places to live. In the current economy, finding work isn't easy... and when you're out of work, housing quickly becomes unaffordable.
More than once we have been forced to move back in with parents, which is hard on two people who are more than ready to be an independent family.
In my search for solutions, I ran across the tiny house movement.
It struck me as the perfect answer.
Tow around a Tumbleweed-style house or a Gypsy Vardo, or build a yurt, and have a house you can take with you wherever you go. Surely it must be easier (and cheaper) to find a place to camp than it is to find someone willing to rent a cabin or guest house (heck, right now we're in a basement room) for an affordable price, right?
The huge, glaring, problem with this plan is that of initial expense. Right now we (just barely) have enough to sustain us until the end of the semester, when my partner has secured a good-paying summer job. We don't have the capital to even replace the ticking-time-bomb junker car we're driving, much less buy a tiny house and a vehicle capable of towing it.
I see blogs about people building their tiny houses for free from scavenged materials, but the two of us don't have the skills necessary to do this. My brain goes into panic mode and shuts down when confronted with numbers, and am lucky not to injure myself if handed a hammer, not to mention the fact that I am very very small and non-athletic. The partner is a bit better, physically capable of feats of strength far beyond me, he once took a basic woodworking class and spent three months making a simple bookshelf, but he is busy taking 18 class credits this semester. He has no time to spare.
And so I stay awake at night, worrying about housing, and money, and the partner's school, and the junker car, and if I'm somehow overlooking an obvious solution.
And I can't help think that it would all be better if we had ourselves a tiny house.
We would find someone, maybe on a farm, willing to let us camp on their land for minimal rent. With the money saved on rent, we would be able to buy ourselves a car that wasn't a death trap, with this car we would get better gas mileage and be able to save more money. With our minimal living expenses, and our savings, we wouldn't have to worry if we were temporarily out of work. We would be able to take our house with us if we found a job in another state, and I would never again have to be terrified that I was going to end up homeless, living under a bridge somewhere.
Seriously. Tiny House = Everything is better.

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